Sparrow Solutions Ltd is a Lead consultancy firm whose objective is to offer efficient management and operational models to public and private institutions, National/County government, non-governmental institutions (NGO’s), community based organizations (CBO’s) businesses and individuals. The company helps in value addition in the areas of productivity, management, communication, governance and efficiency of operations. Sparrow Solutions Ltd specializes in the following categories of services:

  • Public governance and management.
  • Support to planning, designing and integrated plans implementation
  • Business advisory & public finance management
  • Monitoring and evaluation of programs and implemented projects
  • Operational consultancy
  • Training /capacity building of staff/leaders/groups and mentorship

Sparrow solutions Ltd was established incorporated in the year 2015 and has its head office in Meru County. The company started as a consulting firm conducting feasibility studies and drafting of business plans in Meru, Laikipia and Isiolo Counties. In the year 2017, Sparrow solutions Ltd diversified its services and extended boundaries to Kenya and Africa at large. Our teams of consultants have global experience and high level trainings on diverse areas of expertise.

Sparrow Solutions Ltd understands that for organizations and government to grow so must their people. Commitment to continuing professional development and 21st century skills is the mark of those looking to the future realities of the local and globalized economy. The company helps develop cutting edge content and adapt it to meet local aspirations. Our unique training methodology is practical, experiential and highly enjoyable ensuring maximum benefit in the workplace.


To facilitate, create and build long term business solutions for our clients by providing tailormade professional services through creativity and innovation.


To provide solution based business services that surpasses client expectation


We are a reliable business organization and our work incorporates business ethics, honesty, truthfulness and transparency.

Our business embraces competence, resourcefulness, quality and positive attitude in the way we deliver business solutions.

Our work demands synergy and we therefore work as a unified front. This ensures a seamless provision of exceptional services to our values clients.

We are a responsible organization and are always answerable of all the work done and offer clarity for what is expected of us.