As County governments, institutions and business individuals grow they need a well written financial plan on how to achieve their financial growth. As Sparrow Solutions Ltd we walk with our clients through this journey by coming up with the following key financial services:

  • We support teams to design programs/projects and activities in line with the budgetary allocation and in line with public finance protocols.
  • We support in public finance governance and analyzing budgets in line with budget frameworks driven by county structures and development blue prints
  • We come up with a well written plan for your business future and how you plan to achieve it.
  • We work hand in hand with the clients to come up with budgets and costing to ensure the client does not incur any losses.
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  • We help and train the client to record day to day business transactions, measure and interpret these transactions and finally come up with meaningful information e.g. Profit and Loss accounts, Balance sheet, Cash flow statements etc which can be used by financial institutions.