Managing employees is important for both County and National governments, companies and any institutions to provide value to the target public, customers, shareholders, employees and the community at large. Value does not only include government plans articulation, profits but also employees’ growth and satisfaction, creation of new jobs, protection of the environment and contributions to community programs. Every aspect of human resource management as acquiring, developing and compensating employees can help County & National Government/companies/institutions achieve competitive advantage and value addition. Effective human resource management requires an awareness of the broader external environmental factors affecting business such as economic factors, legal issues and globalization. This helps in attracting talented new employees, motivate and retain current employees and make services and products more desirable to consumers. That is why Sparrow

Solutions Ltd offers the following human resource services:

  • We help in offering employee training to help businesses and individuals achieve goals through a well-trained and developed workforce. These vary from team building, sensitivity training, mentorship programs, coaching and employee counseling.
  • We conduct well-structured and tailor made training to government departments both in County and national levels on specific identified areas that helps in the implementations of the county integrated plans.
  • We advise and train on communication, management teams etiquette in public governance.
  • Job Analysis: Job specification and job description based on the needs of the clients.
  • Drafting contract letters for employees.
  • We also do recruitment and selection of employees on behalf of the organization.
  • Any other HRM services required: All tailored to our clients’ needs.