Most institutions/ organizations find themselves involved in a myriad of programs and projects. These activities are faced with the 21st century challenges that are cutting across the reemerging issues related to a balance of development and available resources that are to in line with a plethora – a variety- of compliance requirements and diverse clientele needs and tastes. Sparrow Solutions Ltd comes in hand with all the necessary expertise to bridge these important gaps;
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  • We offer consultancy in development of projects and programs in line with the various Acts of parliament and County governments.
  • We help in conduction detailed feasibility studies for any venture. This is important to ensure any projects/programs investment is anchored on fully understood scope and analyzed key aspects
  • We offer support to programs/projects in designing, mobilization, implementation and studying the stakeholders relevant to the tasks.
  • Monitoring and evaluation for programs/projects which is very key to ascertain that all the set deliverables of the investment have been met and the intended impacts have been achieved.
  • We also carry out extensive and inclusive capacity building for the various projects and programs. This is through a well-drawn training menu for all components of a program/project i.e. staff, leaders, beneficiaries and stakeholders.