Strategy building and articulation is very important to any venture. By drawing a strategy that incorporates all the relevant components of success allows any organization/business/program to growth in a strong foundation of stability. Sparrow Solutions Ltd has a platform that extends a variety of capacity building to key players of any ventures. We offer the following:

  • We train and help in adoption of the vision 2030 expectations on the development blue print.
  • We support in the actualization of the constitution 2010 and the devolution related development planning and resources in line with county development plans.
  • Public and human relations management We help in creating a favorable working environment through training on how to enhance healthy interpersonal relationships amongst the employees, the management and the general public. This helps in boosting employee motivation, loyalty and enhances retention.
  • Customer relationship management Customer service is a key driver to business success. We help in training employees on how to understand the customer: The emotional and psychological aspects related to a customer and how to maximize the relationship between the employee and the customer and increase customer loyalty
  • Market research and survey We help the client acquire and analyze information required to make marketing decisions on areas of finding existing and potential market and the required marketing tactics. Sparrow solutions Ltd help clients to come up with questionnaires for market survey and submit the same questionnaires to customers to assess market demand.

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